Chain Drum Lifter


Designed for easy drum lifting and transporting operations with an overhead lifting device. Constructed of grade 80 chain. Easy to use design. Drum clamps include spring-loaded latch for positive drum grip.

Product information:

  • Model: VDL
  • Safelift VDL has similar application as crane, electric hoist and chain hoist.
  • Safelift VDL has various application for lifting of large and small steel drum without lid, or even for liquid or solid, the different shaped or transformed steel boxes.
  • Safelift VDL is perfectly suited for use in: Agriculture, Food Manufacturing, dock site, Hospitality, Cleaning, Chemical, Horticulture, Pool/Spa and General Manufacturing.
  • Positive Lock – on rim grip action for hands free safety.
  • As genera l usages, there is an example to use steel drum to cut half or adequated size to use. In such case of no edge (portion of drum) appearing on grip section, there is risk for GRABS to slip or come off. But in this case, grips edges would be welded or bolted reinforcements as shown below.
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