Clevis Safety Hook (HSC)


  • Hooks are used in lifting systems as a connection between the load to be lifted and the wire rope or chain slings
  • The unique design of the Ableforge Safety Hook allows it to be easily closed with one hand, or will close itself when the load is engaged. Once under load, it will not disengage even if the load is temporarily set down. When the load is released, the latch is simply opened by pressing the release trigger, and stays open, making the hookup very easy.

Product information:

  • Material is high garde alloy steel (quenched and tempered)
  • Used with alloy chain grade 80 for lifting application
  • Marked with Brand, WLL, Batch No. and Size
  • 100% 2.5 times of capacity proof load tested
  • Ultimate load is 4 times of capacity
  • Fatigue rated is 1.5 times the WLL at 20,000 cycles
  • Lock Latch provides Automatic Locking when Hook is loaded
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