RS Type: Endless


  • According to EN 1492-2.
  • Each stripe is equal to 1 Ton capacity.
  • Material: 100% hight tenacity polyester of out sleeve and inner core
  • With two fly woven heavy duty out sleeve
  • Low elongation.
  • Safety factor available 7:1
  • The coils are protected by “mantle” polyesters solidly.
  • As one of the specialized products in the process of lifting, moving heavy goods, bulky.
  • Round Sling are manufactured under strict process fully meets the technical standards with high safety factor and the ability to take big loading capacity.


Product information:

  • Round sling – endless made from 100% Polyester, bigger size upon request, WLL up to 300 tons, color coding on each round sling for added safety, protective sleeving are recommended for round sling when lifting sharp and rough objects.
  • For more detailed advice about product and refer to price list, please don’t hesitate contact to us.
  • Round sling has two types:  eye to eye &  endless.
  • Application:
    • Use for heavy industries, lifting and transfer Pipe, wire rope,, plate steel.
    • Types of products are produced from non-ferrrous metals such as copper, lead, aluminum or steel.
    • The products sculpture, carvings, handicrafts …
    • Machinery and different spare parts
    • Cement products, glass, rubber, wood, plastic, paper …
    • The stone blocks.
    • Cars and other vehicles.
    • etc,…
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