Ratchet Load Binder


  • When using transport chains to transport cargo in or on your vehicle, Load Binders are necessary to maintain a secure load. Tie-down chains for cargo securement, without a Load Binder, will not secure cargo in place. Load Binders are strong and durable, are available in a number of styles & load ratings and are sized to match the chain that you are using.
  • ratchet binder uses two types of simple machines and has two tension hooks on each end and handle. The handle again serves as a lever plus there is the screw thread.

Product information:

  • Upgraded for use with grad e 70,80 and 100 chain .”
  • One piece forged handle.
  • Continuous take – up features provides finite adjustment to tie down load .
  • Each binder individually proof tested .
  • Easy operation positive ratchet
  • Standard: EN12195-3
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