Horizontal Lifting Clamp


HLC clamp is use for horizontal lifting and transfer of steel plates and is partic-ularly suited to this application due to the special thin ground plate and buffer cams which facilitate easy insertion and removal under the plate being lifted. It can also be used hanging vertically under a spreader. These clamps are light in weight relative to their lifting capacity. Please note that the WLL of these clamps is given based on a pair. The clamps are suitable for surface hard-nesses up to 37 RC.

Product information:

  1. Benefits
    • Long product life
    • Meets standard BS EN 13155
    • Guaranted performance
    • Embossed branding Able
    • All forged and heat treated Parts
    • Safety and Reliability with individual serial number
    • Easily disassembled and reassembled
    • Permanent PI code for good Traceability
  2. Working Fields
    • At building construction field
    • At ship building field
    • Metal production workshop
    • At subway construction (civil engineering construction) sites
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