Vertical Lifting Clamp


VLC clamp is designed for vertical lifting and turning over of plates, the clamp possesses a safety device by which the lock is not disengaged even if the lifting rope is slackened. This clamp can be applied for a wide range of works which maintains a structure for safety against ground-touching shocks of the loads.

Product information:

  1. Benefits
    • Long product life
    • Meets standard BS EN 13155
    • Guaranted performance
    • Embossed branding Able
    • All forged and heat treated Parts
    • Safety and Reliability with individual serial number
    • Easily disassembled and reassembled
    • Permanent PI code for good Traceability
  2. Working fields
    • Shipyards
    • Subway sites
    • Construction sites
    • Metal Production Workshop
      • Max.load: 1-5 tons Range
      • Jaw Openning: 0-50mm
      • Safety factor: 6 times
      • Safety latch mechanism
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