Lever Block LB-I


  • Standard: BS EN 13157
  • WLL < 5ton, 100% load tested to 1.5 x WLL
  • WLL >= 10ton, 100% load tested to 1.25 x WLL
  • Safety factor 4:1
  • Grade 80 alloy load chain Iso and Jis standard.
  • Forged and Heat Treated load Hooks with batch trace ability and stretch indicators.

Product information:

  • Lever block is a piece of high quality lifting equipment that is being used to lift and move loads across the warehouse facility. The horizontal lifting ability of lever hoists is a major advantage of the equipment when compared to other lifting equipment like chain blocks or chain hosts.
  • The hook at the end of the lever block is used to attach it to the loads as it provides a secure support. Lever blocks can be easily customized as per customer requirements.
  • Lever blocks or hoists can be used to lift specific load limits and the total load limit should not exceed this specific limit. Lever blocks are important equipment used in the garages or construction sites. The ideal configuration should be chosen according to the weight of the load to be lifted.
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