Clevis Grab Hook (HGC)


  • Hooks are used in lifting systems as a connection between the load to be lifted and the wire rope or chain slings
  • with its reinforced saddle for firmer hookups, less wear and with its nearly round section to resist or bending. The Able Grab Hook is particulary suitable for back-hooking.

Product information:

  • Material is high garde alloy steel (quenched and tempered)
  • Use with alloy chain grade 80 for lifting application.
  • Batch Number , Size, CE, G80/T8, ABLE & Product Code embossed.
  • Proof load is 5 times of work load limit
  • Ultimate load is 4 times of capacity
  • Fatigue rated is 1.5 times the WLL at 20,000 cycles
  • Clevis openning only allows corect size of Chian to be fitted
  • Narrow gap allows for full engagement in hook to prevent slip-off.
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