Cable Laid Grommet Sling


Cable laid grommets can be used in all types of lifting operations. They come in different lengths and designs. This design gives great flexibility.

Product information:

  • A Grommet Endless Sling can be made from either wire strand or wire rope. A Strand-Laid Grommet is an endless loop of wire rope made by hand from a continuous length of the strand.  The finished grommet has a cable-laid body Grommets have their widest usage in endless slings having a , short circumference.
  • Grade: 1770N/mm2, 1960N/mm2
  • Construction: (6×36), (35×7)
  • Surface Finish : Galvanized and Ungalvanized
  • Core: FC , IWRC
  • Standard: BS EN 13414-3, ASME B 30.9
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