Crane compacted steel – Non rotating


Wire rope sling fiber core is used for many purpope sush as: petroleum and gas, carae, fishing, mining, logging, machine, marine, building bridge, launched ship, load and unloading

Product information:

*** 35×7 / 19×7

  • 35X7 is a flexible high strength hoist rope.
    • Maximum resistance to rotation
    • Suitable for use on single part and multi part hoist reeving systems.
    • Fully lubricated in manufacture
    • Ropes have polymer interface between core and outer strands.
    • +2% to +4% close diameter tolerance for improved spooling control
  • Grade: 1960N/mm2, 2160N/mm2
  • Construction: (35×7) Nonrotating gavld
  • Surface Finish : Galvanized and Ungalvanized
  • Core : IWRC and WSC
  • Origin: Usha Martin – India, DSR – Korea, Kiswire – Korea …Etc

*** 4 X SES39

  • A unique designed 4 strand rope which is rotation resistant. This unique construction creates a very smooth finish to the rope and therefore provides superior crush resistance in multi layer spooling. This rope is finished through a special forming process after closing the wire rope strands. Each strand is formed into a triangular shape and the outer surface is abraded
  • Grade: 1960N/mm2
  • Construction: (4×39)
  • Surface Finish : Galvanized and Ungalvanized
  • Core: FC
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