Multi Legs Sling


United Mekong Holding Company performs machining, manufacturing all kinds of steel cable sling 3mm to 40mm diameter from templates or according to customer requirements by hydraulic.

Product information:

  • Many loads cannot be handled by a single leg sling, so over the years special purpose, Multiple Leg Slings have been developed. in its simplest form, the Multiple Leg Sling consists of two, three or four single leg slings connected at the lifting end by a common lifting link. Typical slings of this type are included in this catalog. Some applications require custom designed slings, unique to the job or type of load to be lifted. When specifying any sling, consider the load to be lifted and the conditions to be met on the job. The most important factor is the sling’s Rated Capacity. Other considerations include: the importance of flexibility; whether the sling will be subjected to high abrasion; how it is to be attached to the load; and type of splice required
  • Products are manufactured according to customer requirements, in accordance with standards such as BSEN, ANME, DNV… etc.
  • When ordering, please clearly state the following:
    • Type sling (sling both ends, round sling , the legs…)
    • The structure and the cable core.
    • Cable Diameter (mm)
    • The overall length of product (M).
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